Thanks to CPS team especially Jchanet and friend on last Saturday (5th May). I am extremely lucky that they were doing car seat inspection at Butik Tateh on last Saturday. I had a long journey from Penang to Shah Alam just to have my child’s car seat to be inspected. My child’s car seat was installed incorrectly by the store staff. Highly recommend for every parent to check if your child’s car seat is install correctly and safely.

A.S., Mother of 2MO Girl, May 2018, Penang

Telah menghadiri sesi pemeriksaan carseat pada 31/3/18. Terima kasih kepada Puan Dinas & team. Banyak saya dan suami saya belajar sepanjang sesi tersebut. Tanpa sedar kami telah memasang carseat anak-anak kami dengan cara yang tidak betul. Gembira dan bersyukur diberi peluang hadir sesi ini.

Thank you so much for the warm welcome from CPSM team. Dear all parents please join this program. With all the expertise there, you’ll never regret it. Many thumbs up to CPSM team. Please continue your efforttotp educate us n everyone. All the best!

N.I., Mother of 4YO Girl & 7MO Boy, Mar 2018, Seri Kembangan