I was very surprised by the thoroughness of checking that they do, not only the CRS but also whether the car itself is suitable to install the CRS. All these while I have installed my child’s CRS using the ISOFIX (rear facing) but apparently it was never crash tested for my car model! I’ve always assumed that as long as the car has the ISOFIX system, then it should be safe to install my CRS using the ISOFIX but apparently I was wrong. They kindly reinstall the CRS using seat belt for me. And they did all these checking and reinstalling under the hot Malaysian sun without any complaints! Thank you for helping me ensure that my child travels safely! Good job and keep it up!!

S.L.L., Mother of 10MO Girl, Aug 2018, Segambut

Thank you CPSM team for organizing the car seat inspection event all over Malaysia. Had the chance to join and learned a lot from the team. They also helped to reinforce the correct thus safe way to install and buckle up the baby. Glad that we got to join. Highly recommended to all parents.

N.A.M., Mother of 6MO Girl, Aug 2018, Ipoh