Thank you CPSM team for organizing the car seat inspection event all over Malaysia. Had the chance to join and learned a lot from the team. They also helped to reinforce the correct thus safe way to install and buckle up the baby. Glad that we got to join. Highly recommended to all parents.

N.A.M., Mother of 6MO Girl, Aug 2018, Ipoh

Thanks to CPS team especially Jchanet and friend on last Saturday (5th May). I am extremely lucky that they were doing car seat inspection at Butik Tateh on last Saturday. I had a long journey from Penang to Shah Alam just to have my child’s car seat to be inspected. My child’s car seat was installed incorrectly by the store staff. Highly recommend for every parent to check if your child’s car seat is install correctly and safely.

A.S., Mother of 2MO Girl, May 2018, Penang