CRS Usage Tips: Chest Clip

You’ve read about chest clip before. If you’re using an FMVSS 213 approved CRS from USA, you’ll bound to find a chest clip in your child restraint. It’s now the time to learn HOW to use it correctly.

Chest clip or also known as retainer clip should be buckled and positioned at exactly the child’s armpit level. It should not be positioned too high nor too low.

It is a good habit to first buckle the crotch buckle and then the chest clip. When unbuckling, open up the chest clip first and only then unbuckle the crotch strap. Consistency in doing these steps accordingly will ensure that you will never forget and leave your child especially small ones in their restraint with the chest clip on, but crotch buckle is undone. It is very dangerous to leave a child like this as it can strangle them when they slide down the restraint since nothing is holding them in place when the crotch strap is unbuckled.

If your child seat doesn’t come with a chest clip, DO NOT use an aftermarket chest clip because it is not tested along with the restraint.

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