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Locking clip is used when installing child restraint system (CRS) using seat belt. It functions to lock the seat belt so that CRS is not loosen during a normal driving condition.

Locking clip is needed when your vehicle retractor is of Emergency Locking Retractor type (ELR, read more:

There are two situations when a locking clip is not needed:

1. CRS has a built-in locking mechanism, OR

2. Seat belt can be locked (using Automatic Locking Retractor (ALR) or Switchable Locking Retractor (SLR)).

There are two types of locking clip:

1. Plastic type – for ECE approved CRS

2. Metal type – for FMVSS approved CRS

Usage instructions differs between the two of them:

1. Plastic type – is used on shoulder part of seat belt which is nearest to the latch plate.

2. Metal type – is used on both shoulder part and lap part of seat belt, which are nearest to the latch plate.

Both type of locking clip should be installed not more than 1 inch from the latch plate.

⚠️ Locking clip should not be used on lap only (2-points) seat belt! ⚠️

Read your vehicle manual and also CRS manual to find out whether you need to use a locking clip when installing a CRS using seat belt.


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