There are a few different types of seats in a vehicle depending on the type of vehicle and needs, namely:

✔ Bucket seat
✔ Bench seat
✔ Folding seat
✔ Cantilever / Suspension seat

A bucket seat is a separate seat with a contoured platform. It is usually used in luxury or sporty cars. Caution is advised to parents having these kind of vehicle seats when choosing child restraint system (CRS) as the contoured platform can affect the proper fitting of CRS installation.

A bench seat is a platform that can seat up to three passengers and usually cannot be adjusted. Most bench seats have flat sitting surface throughout for all three seaters but there are also bench seats with contoured surfaces. CRS installation on contoured bench seat becomes difficult to fit 3-across since the CRS on both outboard seats are usually moved towards the center seat due to the high contours at the outer ends of the bench seat. When installing CRS at the center of contoured bench seat, slanting of CRS happens due to the presence of bump.

Folding seats are rear seats that fold down in the back to create more room for cargo when they are not occupied by passengers. CRS installation on these seats should be referred to the vehicle manual as some vehicle manufacturers does not allow any CRS to be installed on folding seats.

A cantilever or suspension seat is equipped with additional springs or suspension components that give extra shock absorption for bumps and jumps, making it softer and relatively more comfortable for the driver and passengers. While suspension seats provide more comfort for driver and passengers, they are not considered safer, additionally they are linked with seat belt submarining injury.

Whichever vehicle seats you have in your vehicle, do check with the vehicle owner’s manual and try to install the CRS in your vehicle for proper fitting before deciding to buy one.

⚠️ Poorly secured CRS can injure your child ⚠️

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