List of Compatibility Issues Between CRS and Vehicles

This is a list of incompatible combination between a child restraint system (CRS) and vehicle. The CRS or vehicles in this list does not mean they are poorly designed or constructed, but rather the fitting between the two does not match.

This list serves only as a guide for parents looking for a CRS that match their vehicle. The data is gathered from our CRS Check Up Events conducted throughout Malaysia from 2018 onwards.

Unable to Get A Firm Installation

  1. Jazz 2014 with Joie Tilt (buckle crunch)
  1. Kia K3 2018 with Cybex Platinum 360 Sirona (incompatible when installed forward-facing)
  1. Exora 2018 with Halford Voyage XT (buckle crunch)
  2. Iriz 2014 with Sparco Corsa
  3. Persona 2014 with SNSKidz Proto (CRS seat back does not lies flat against vehicle seat back due to built-in headrest)
  4. Preve 2014 with Koopers Lambada (buckle crunch)
  5. Saga FLX 2012 with Crolla S-Spin.
  1. Myvi 2011 with Koopers Lambada
  2. Viva Elite 2014 with Joie Tilt (seat belt button prevent tightening of seat belt)
  1. Avanza with Sweet Cherry LB303 (overhanging base, recline angle too upright for RF newborn)
  2. Velfire with Chicco GroUp 123 (CRS seat back does not lies flat against vehicle seat back)

Seat Belt Too Short for Rear-Facing

  1. Proton Iswara 2011 with Joie Every Stage FX

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