Tires Maintenance

Did you know one of the most important part of a car? The tires!

Tires are the first surface that touches the ground. So to make sure the condition of your vehicle’s tires are always at its optimum is very important to ensure driving safety at all times.

There are a few basic things you will have to do in order to ensure optimal condition of the tires:

1. Tire pressure

Ensuring the tire pressure is correct helpts to maximise tire performance and safe fuels apart from giving a good driving experience. By maintaining tire pressure, you will ensure the lifespan of the tires are not cut short.

Insufficient pressure in a tire will cause heating and the tire will wear easily. You will also burn more fuel due to the increase in rolling resistance. Insufficient pressure in tires will cause your vehicle to work extra in order to maintain the same speed.

Over pressure on the other hand, will cause the center ring of the tire to wear quickly because it is the point supporting the weight of the drive and the vehicle.

What is the easiest way to check your tire pressure? By squeezing the tires? Or looking at it? Actually the easiest way is to use the air pressure pump provided at petrol stations near you. You may use the digital ones or the analogues.

Did you know that you can find the table for the correct tire pressure to use for your vehicle at the driver’s door rim?

2. Balancing of the wheels

A well balanced tire will ensure that the wear and tear of the tires are uniform, reduce vibration and ensure driving safety in total.

For the best driving performance, maintain a scheduled check at your preferred tire center. The tire specialist will make sure all four wheels are well balanced by:

✔ Removing the wheels.
✔ Inserting the wheels into the balancing machine.
✔ Checking the weight balance of your vehicle’s wheels at its axis by rotating it.
✔ Making sure imbalance part are taken care off by adding weights to the spot.
✔ Putting the wheels back in.

Make sure you do the balancing for your wheels for every 5,000 – 10,000 km drive.

3. Alignment

Making sure the tires are aligned will save your pocket from having to replace the tires before its time.

The tire specialist not only will reset the alignment to the manufacturer’s default, but they will also:

✔ Aligning the angle of the tires so it will be perpendicular to the surface of the road and parallel to each wheels.
✔ Do a thorough checking of the driver system as well as the suspension system of the wheels.

How often do you need to do the wheels alignment?

When you change to new tires.
After a crash, accidents or hitting a big pot holes.
After changing the suspension or driver system.
If your vehicle is prone towards one angle during a drive.
When you feel the vibration at the steering wheel.
When your tires start to wear out unevenly.

To ensure your tires and wheels are at its optimum condition, always get the best advice from tire specialists near you.

CPSM will always advocate for overall safety, and not just ensuring your children to be buckled in safety seats. The vehicle tires are part of the PRIMER safety features of a car compared to a safety seat which is a SECONDARY safety measures you need to take. Reduce the risk of being involved in a crash by taking care of your vehicle tires!

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