Infant Safety Seat: Prolonged Use

Many parents choose infant safety seat (also called infant carrier) because they are mobile and convenient especially if it comes in a package with a stroller.

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Here, misuse will start to occur.

If a baby is still asleep, parents tend to take out the infant safety seat from the car, bring it inside the house and let the baby inside it, worried that the baby will wake up. Once inside, parents tend to unbuckle the child, thus making the baby slump inside the seat because there is no longer the crotch strap holding the baby up, blocking the baby’s airway. This is very dangerous for newborns where they don’t have any head control.

If at a restaurant, parents also tend to leave their baby inside the carrier. Sometimes the infant safety seat is also perched on a high ground like on top of a table. There is a risk of falling in this case.

Actually, an infant safety seat is designed to be used in vehicles with several things parents need to be aware of.

The recline angle of an infant safety seat when installed in the vehicle is different than when it is put on the ground. This few degrees of difference may kill the baby through death by positioning asphyxia if a baby is left too long inside it.

In the first few months of a baby, parents have to stop for 10 to 15 minutes for every 45 minutes to one hour of a journey. When the car stops at a safe place like at a rest & recuperate area, take out the child so you can place the baby on a flat surface. For premature and low birth weight babies, the journey has to be shorten to ideally 30 minutes according to The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA), United Kingdom. For long distance journey, frequent stops has to be planned.

This recommendation also applies to the use of infant safety seat outside of the vehicle or in any other type of child restraint system used. Limit the usage by taking our your baby when in the house. If you are using the safety seat with a stroller, limit the time you use it or take out the baby every now and then.

Don’t forget to teach your child caregivers about this and how to use the infant safety seat correctly according to the instruction manual.


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