Vehicle Maintenance: How to Prevent Fog Build-Up On Your Windshield

Driving with a foggy windshield can be irritating, not to mention dangerous. Car windows fogged up when water condenses on them, occurring on the inside and outside of the window. Why do windshields fog?

There are a variety of reasons why your windshield would fog including:

  1. Humidity
  2. Heat
  3. Surface tension
  4. Condensation

There are several ways to tackle this problem by eliminating the factors which cause fogging such as:

  • If the condensation is on the outside of your car, windshield wipers should do the trick to get rid of the fog, for the time being.
  • Use your vehicle’s defogger/defroster heat setting regularly to balance out the temperature of your glass in your car. Turn your air conditioning down and/or turning the heater on will help to warm the windows so they are above the dew point.
The defogger button is usually situated at the console near the air-conditioning setting.
  • Check whether your air conditioner or heater is on which setting. Switch from ‘Recirculate’ mode to ‘Fresh Air’ mode. While the ‘Recirculate’ setting on your car’s heater might make it warm up more quickly, however, the moisture stays inside the car! Turn this off to let the fresh air in and the water out.
Use the ‘Fresh Air’ setting to balance out the temperature and moisture inside your car with the outside.
  • Open your windows open, if it is permissible and not dangerous or raining, to let the moisture out and keep your windshield from fogging up.
  • Use anti-fogging agent/treatment. Anti-fogging agents are chemicals which prevent the condensation of water on a surface. Rub the inside of the window with the anti-fogging agent or an ammonia-based window cleaner with orderly horizontal or vertical strokes to removes the build-up of film which commonly emanates on windshields. Reapply regularly for maximum results.

⚠ Never drive with a foggy window, as you could cause a crash ⚠

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