CRS Maintenance: Tips and Advise Before Storing CRS

Just recently bought a new child safety seat (child restraint system, CRS) and you’re not planning to use the old one? Here are some tips and advice before storing the old CRS.

Clean all CRS parts thoroughly.

Remove the seat pad. You might be surprised looking at what’s underneath. Turn the seat upside down to loosen up crumbs and debris, carefully not to knock any part of the CRS. Vacuum out dust, dirt and food as much as possible in areas where crumbs and other debris tend to accumulate.

Plastic and metal parts of the CRS can be wiped clean with a soft cloth. Do not use any abrasive clothes, cleaners or solvents.

Preferably hand wash the seat pad and harness (unless described in the CRS manual that machine wash is allowed) with cold water, without any use of soap, detergent or even organic cleaning agent (unless noted otherwise in the CRS manual) then hang it to air dry under shaded area. Take care not to damage any labels on the CRS.

Please do refer to your CRS manual for specific care and maintenance guide. Read further on washing CRS covers here.

Ensure that all parts are properly dried.

Observe and gently touch all parts of CRS to check whether they are still damp or have completely dried. Ensuring that all parts are thoroughly cleaned and dried prior to storage is critical in protecting the CRS from damage caused by weather, rodents, molds and other elements common to garages, the outdoors, and other storage locations.

To help protect the upholstery, place a towel beneath and behind the CRS. You may then keep the CRS in a box or a containment device prior to storage.

You certainly do not want to store the precious CRS only to grow molds on them or became living place for rodents. The CRS in the picture has molds grown on the harness and covers after it was stored (without cleaning) for a few weeks.

Prevent this by keeping them clean before you store them!

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