Forward-Facing Too Soon

Every time we attend safety seat check events, there will be at least a parent who turn their child forward-facing too soon. The reason being – they can’t see their child or they think their child fuss because he/she can’t see them.

A forward-facing seat doesn’t have a proper recline angle for newborn babies. And putting these babies forward-facing can’t be comfortable for them (and our model baby in the picture shows his dislike clearly).

However, comfort is low in our priority of educating parents on the correct way of using a child restraint system (CRS). Putting a young child forward-facing TOO SOON can be a deadly mistake!

A newborn baby’s head is large and heavy compared to the rest of its body. Read more about it here.

And their neck is still soft – the main reason why we said putting them forward-facing too soon would be a deadly mistake. More info on that here.

We have explained the benefit of rear-facing here.

We have also busted the myth of broken legs for rear-facing.

If you have been following all our posts, you will understand that it is important to choose and use a CRS so that it is appropriate for your child’s development. So check again your child’s age, weight and height to see if what you have been using all these while is proper for them!

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