Seat Belt Retractors

What is a Seat Belt Retractor?

A retractor feeds the belt in/out of a pocket and locks the belt.

Different Types of Seat Belt Retractors:
Emergency Locking Retractors (ELR)
Automatic Locking Retractors (ALR)
Switchable Locking Retractor (SLR)


✎ Function: allows the seat belt to freely extend and retract from the housing with occupant movement, yet locks the belt during a sudden deceleration, stop or upon impact. This is the most common type of retractor in Malaysia.


✎ Function: allows extraction of the desired length of a strap and, when the buckle is fastened, automatically adjusts the strap to the occupant’s physique. Once the belt has been adjusted, you can’t pull it out further and it will stays lock all the time.


✎ Function: has an emergency lock and can also be switched to an automatic lock. This is another type of retractor available in Malaysia but it is very rare to be found.

What’s the significance of understanding the type of belt retractors in your vehicle?

You will need to lock your child seat during installation. Since Malaysian cars mostly have the ELR type, the child seat installed are not locked ALL THE TIME and this will cause the installation to loosen over time or tilt and twist to a position not optimum for safety. Some child restraints have a built-in lock-off for this, others use a locking clip. Be sure to install them accordingly!

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