Infant Safety Seat: Prolonged Use

Many parents choose infant safety seat (also called infant carrier) because they are mobile and convenient especially if it comes in a package with a stroller. Image source: Here, misuse will start to occur. If a baby is still asleep, parents tend to take out the infant safety seat from the car, bring it … Continue reading Infant Safety Seat: Prolonged Use



A belt path refers to the track on the child restraint system (CRS) where the vehicle seat belt or the LATCH connector strap go through to ensure the CRS is installed safely in the vehicle. A belt path can be divided into two which is the lap portion and the shoulder portion. Generally, the belt … Continue reading CARSEAT PARTS 101: BELT PATH


Laluan tali keledar merujuk kepada trek pada kerusi keselamatan kanak-kanak (child restraint system, CRS) di mana tali keledar kenderaan atau tali penyambung tambatan bawah LATCH dilalukan untuk memastikan CRS dipasang dengan selamat di dalam kenderaan. Laluan tali keledar boleh dibahagikan kepada dua iaitu bahagian riba dan bahagian bahu. Secara amnya laluan tali keledar adalah berbeza … Continue reading CARSEAT PARTS 101: LALUAN TALI KELEDAR

Rear Facing Car Seats

Types of Rear-Facing Car Seats There are two main types of rear-facing car seats: Rear-facing-only car seat that may have a 3-point harness or 5-point harness. Many models have a detachable base. Some models require using the base. Rear-facing convertible car seats have a 5-point harness. Rear-Facing-Only Car Seats Always check the car seat label … Continue reading Rear Facing Car Seats

Why children should travel rear facing as long as possible

Children's bodies change as they grow. Different types of car seat and booster seats are made to support the child's growth. Note: Many child passenger safety body or organisation recommend children remain in rear facing car seats for AS LONG AS POSSIBLE and until they reach the top height or weight limit allowed by the … Continue reading Why children should travel rear facing as long as possible

Selecting a Child Restraint System

y3 types of Child Restraint System The BEST Child Restraint MUST Fit your child in terms of height, weight and age Fit your vehicle - as in able to get a good installation Fit your budget and household dynamics in terms of ability to use it correctly each and every time your child rides in … Continue reading Selecting a Child Restraint System

Choosing the Best Child Restraint System for Your Child

One of the most common questions we received from parents; "What is the best brand/model of child restraint for my child?" Our simplest answer is usually this: "The best CRS* would be the one that fits your CHILD and your CAR. And it must be used correctly each time". *CRS = Child Restraint System. We … Continue reading Choosing the Best Child Restraint System for Your Child

Time for a Change? When to Change CRS for Your Child

We were often asked, "How to choose a car seat?" "My child is now so tall, do you think we should upgrade his car seat?" "When should we change her car seat?" Choosing and buying a car seat or CRS (Child Restraint Systems) for a child can be an overwhelming experience for new parents. So … Continue reading Time for a Change? When to Change CRS for Your Child