Wrong Belt Path

Throughout all the child safety seat check events that we have conducted, we have seen many kinds of belt path errors. The most common type of belt path error for UNECE safety seat (child restraint system, CRS) is for rear-facing installation where the shoulder belt is usually routed behind the CRS. Most parents get confused … Continue reading Wrong Belt Path


Lock-Off Errors

Lock-off is a built-in mechanism in a child restraint system (CRS) that functions the same way as a locking clip - to lock the seat belt in a fixed length so that it is always at a proper installed position during a crash. If a CRS is not installed properly and locked, it can loosen … Continue reading Lock-Off Errors

List of Compatibility Issues Between CRS and Vehicles

This is a list of incompatible combination between a child restraint system (CRS) and vehicle. The CRS or vehicles in this list does not mean they are poorly designed or constructed, but rather the fitting between the two does not match. This list serves only as a guide for parents looking for a CRS that … Continue reading List of Compatibility Issues Between CRS and Vehicles

Common Car Seat Errors

Common Harnessing Errors Harness not used and the child is just sitting in the car seat Harness straps that are too loose Harness routed through the wrong slots Harness that is twisted Harness that is frayed or damaged Crotch strap that is adjusted too long Harness not at or below shoulder (for rear facing) Harness … Continue reading Common Car Seat Errors