CRS Instruction Manual

A child restraint system (CRS) will always come with an instruction manual. It is required under any standards used to build the CRS, be it UNECE, FMVSS and others, to have an instruction manual at least in English, sometimes in the language of the country where it is sold. Reading your CRS instruction manual is … Continue reading CRS Instruction Manual


Vehicle Owner’s Manual

Our CRS Installation Tips today will cover the importance of reading your VEHICLE OWNER'S MANUAL. Child restraint system (CRS) installation will usually be covered under one whole chapter in your vehicle manual. Under this section, the type of restraints suitable and the positioning of installation will be clearly advised. So how do you find information … Continue reading Vehicle Owner’s Manual

5 Simple Car Seat Installation Tips

From researching a new child restraint to installation, there are many decision need to be made. Correct Installation and usage are very important. Here, we would like to share some simple tips to look into to ensure the correct installation:- Take time to read the┬ámanual. We mean both car owner manual and child restraint manual. … Continue reading 5 Simple Car Seat Installation Tips

Secure Installation of CRS: Removing Vehicle’s Seat Headrest & Reclined Angle

When we're doing our carseat checks we often came across an unsecure installation of the child restraint system (CRS). The reasons for such problem, particularly in a forward facing CRS are the recline angle of the vehicle's seat backrest and the headrest. One of the key in getting a secure installation of the CRS is … Continue reading Secure Installation of CRS: Removing Vehicle’s Seat Headrest & Reclined Angle