CRS Usage Tips: Chest Clip

Jika anda ingin membaca artikel ini di dalam Bahasa Melayu sila tekan di sini. You've read about chest clip before. If you're using an FMVSS 213 approved CRS from USA, you'll bound to find a chest clip in your child restraint. It's now the time to learn HOW to use it correctly. Chest clip or … Continue reading CRS Usage Tips: Chest Clip


Car Seat Parts 101: Chest Clip

Chest clip or also known as 'retainer clip' is a two-part clip that is used to buckle the two harness straps together so it stays on the shoulder and chest of a child during a journey. Most children at a certain level of development will want to 'escape' from being retained in a harness by … Continue reading Car Seat Parts 101: Chest Clip