Hungry for more information regarding child passenger safety but reading just isn’t your cup of tea?

Or does the topic bore you with too many technicalities? Are you trying to convince your spouse to use a safety seat for your child?

Why don’t you try to attend our talks or classes with demonstrations on how to choose, install and use the safety seat correctly! Bring along your spouse, mom or dad and let us help you to convince them. This is the time for you to ask as many questions as you want while delving into the each of the topics. Talks and classes are usually done in collaboration with safety seat distributors, hospitals or retailers.

We do accept invitations from corporate companies to conduct such talks or classes at their premise for their employees with the objective of spreading the awareness further to a specific segment of the public.

For advocates or retailers, we conduct extensive workshops to cater for the needs of in-depth knowledge and skills which they will use to help within their communities.

If you are part of the general public seeking to attend talks or classes, follow our Facebook Page and set “See First” so you won’t miss out on important announcements of such events.

For collaborations, do contact us here.