Did you know that children between 7 to 12 years old still need to buckle up using Child Restraint System (CRS) booster? There are three types of booster seats: Backless BoosterHigh-Back BoosterCombination CRS Wow, so many ahh! Let's find out more.. Backless Booster Seat 1. Backless Booster. This type of booster is simple with a … Continue reading CRS 101 – TYPES OF BOOSTER SEATS


Tahukah anda bahawa kanak-kanak berumur 7 hingga 12 tahun sebenarnya masih perlu dikeledarkan mengunakan kerusi keselamatan kanak-kanak (Child Restraint System, CRS) jenis booster? Terdapat tiga jenis kerusi booster iaitu: Booster Tanpa PenyadarBooster Berpenyandar TinggiCRS Kombinasi Wahhh, banyaknya! Jom kita kenal dengan lebih lanjut. Booster Tanpa Penyandar 1. CRS Booster Tanpa Penyadar Booster jenis ini hanya … Continue reading CRS 101 – JENIS-JENIS KERUSI BOOSTER

Selecting a Child Restraint System

y3 types of Child Restraint System The BEST Child Restraint MUST Fit your child in terms of height, weight and age Fit your vehicle - as in able to get a good installation Fit your budget and household dynamics in terms of ability to use it correctly each and every time your child rides in … Continue reading Selecting a Child Restraint System