Thanks to CPS team especially Jchanet and friend on last Saturday (5th May). I am extremely lucky that they were doing car seat inspection at Butik Tateh on last Saturday. I had a long journey from Penang to Shah Alam just to have my child’s car seat to be inspected. My child’s car seat was installed incorrectly by the store staff. Highly recommend for every parent to check if your child’s car seat is install correctly and safely.


A.S., Mother of 2MO Girl, May 2018, Penang

Telah menghadiri sesi pemeriksaan carseat pada 31/3/18. Terima kasih kepada Puan Dinas & team. Banyak saya dan suami saya belajar sepanjang sesi tersebut. Tanpa sedar kami telah memasang carseat anak-anak kami dengan cara yang tidak betul. Gembira dan bersyukur diberi peluang hadir sesi ini.

Thank you so much for the warm welcome from CPSM team. Dear all parents please join this program. With all the expertise there, you’ll never regret it. Many thumbs up to CPSM team. Please continue your efforttotp educate us n everyone. All the best!

N.I., Mother of 4YO Girl & 7MO Boy, Mar 2018, Seri Kembangan

So glad to have arranged to meet up with Dinas for an inspection. I thought we got everything right but she gave us more in-depth knowledge on how to get our car seat installed to its optimum safety. Thanks, Dinas!

L.K., Mother of 6YO Boy, 3YO Girl & Upcoming Newborn, Mar 2018, Petaling Jaya

Terima kasih Puan Dinas untuk tunjuk ajar dan nasihat pemasangan carseat.

P.M.Z., Mother of 4YO Girl, Mar 2018, Kelana Jaya

Thorough check was done, with proper explanation and demonstration of installation. Advisor was friendly and great with the kids.

F.D.F & M.Y., Parents of 6YO Boy & 2.5YO Girl, Mar 2018, Kuala Lumpur

Thank God I decided to join the CRS inspection event in January. It was a last minute decision as the husband was not free, so I went alone with a baby at the back, hoping that they accept a walk-in visitor. Thanks especially to Puan Dinas for accepting and willing to do the inspection for me. It was a fruitful session for me as I learnt the method of installing and securing it tightly within that 1-inch rule. She also answered my questions clearly and patiently (I think I asked a lot)

Fast forward, a month later (last weekend) I last minutely contacted Puan Dinas to arrange a CRS inspection for my sister who came from Terengganu for a family event. Due to time restraint and we were not able to travel to her place, she agreed to come at our place instead. Really thankful for that.

Spent 2.5 hrs to inspect, explain and demo (2 CRS) under the hot sun and consultation session right after (for another sister as she forgot to bring her baby carrier). Because of that session, I can proudly say that my elder sister and her husband managed to install their kids CRS the correct way. They got their questions answered too (which I did not manage to answer previously). I also learnt that my installation was wrong (I helped them to install their CRS earlier).

The team is very passionate about advocating and creating awareness on the importance of using CRS for children. Highly recommend to parents with kids to join their CRS inspection event. Would definitely join the next CRS inspection as there are more things to learn and skills to master.

S.N.M, Mother of 1.5YO Girl, Feb 2018, Kuala Lumpur

Alhamdulillah… We did the right decision to refer to CPS for the fitting of our Doona’s for our Twins. Learnt a lot. Now more confident to drive the twins around in our car.

M.A., Father of 3MO Twin Girls, Jan 2018, Shah Alam

Thank you, Puan Dinas and team for checking out car seat. We have been using it for months but didn’t know much about it until we joined the car seat check event. Thank you for all the info. For those parents who want to check whether they are using and installing the car seat correctly should follow this page as they provide important information that will benefit us, parents.

F.H., Mother of 6MO Boy, Jan 2018, Shah Alam

Went to the event yesterday. Thank you for checking our car seat. Found out it was not perfectly fit for my (Toyota) Vios. No wonder the base keep moving and not fixed properly. It is in our plan to get a second car seat for my (Perodua) Myvi, so ended up bought another one straight from LittleWhiz (where the event was held).

M.S., Father of 8MO Boy, Jan 2018, Seremban

Terima kasih dan tahniah CPSM. Dua kali event dapat join. Semoga terus adakan event “car seat check” untuk bantu rakyat Malaysia pasang carseat dengan betul.

Good luck.

H.H., Mother of 3MO Girl, Jan 2018, Banting